Why would Bill Bratton want his old job as head of the New York Police Department?

"Apart from being an optimist I guess I’m a glutton for punishment," Bill Bratton told reporters Wednesday evening after speaking at New York University.

Bratton was head of the NYPD under mayor Rudy Giuliani in his first term and left after a falling out with his boss. He went to lead the police department in Los Angeles and is now a consultant in the private sector. He advised a number of mayoral candidates including Democratic mayoral nominee Bill de Blasio, who leads his Republican rival by more than 40 points in recent public opinion polls.

Bratton said he has not spoken directly with de Blasio about the job and has not considered whether he is up for it.

"There was never a discussion about the commissioner’s position," he said.

Later, I asked Bratton whether he agrees wifh Giuliani about de Blasio having an “anti-police” agenda.

"I did not detect that at all in any of my conversation with him," Bratton said.

He acknowledged de Blasio expressed concerns about some NYPD practices (the use of stop-and-frisk was one major theme he highlighted during the campaign) but “I dont detect any of that as anti-police.” He added “I don’t detect any anti-police feelings or bias to my exposure to Mr. de Blasio.”