While any Lhota candidacy will be steeped in rhetoric about the Giuliani administration’s accomplishments, the question is how far Lhota cranks up that dial.

Registered Democrats far outnumber Republicans, and the Bloomberg administration has shown New York City that historically low crime rates can be achieved in Giuliani’s city without Giuliani’s bunker mentality.

In an interview on “Inside City Hall” last night, Gyrory said, “I thought last week his joking about the fourth term and term limits hurt her more than the phone call. That term-limits question is not a joking matter to primary voters. The polling data is replete. They thought it was a mistake. They didn’t like that their two referendums were so summarily overturned by the City Council. And they also have a sense that there has been a drift in this administration and has not been as on top of things as it was [in] its first two.”