The candidates for Mayor in 2013 are being tested on their courage to stand up and support the continuation of this program. Obviously, we are a nation of laws and the ultimate decision of the highest appellate court hearing the case will be enforced by the city. That has not yet occurred, and the question is, who among the mayoral aspirants supports the Mayor and Police Commissioner at this time with respect to the stop-and-frisk program?

– Ed Koch

New York Times backs Weprin, Slaps Koch

The New York Times endorsement in the NY-9 race pushes back on former Mayor Ed Koch, who succeeded in making this, for a little while, a referendum on President Obama’s policies toward Israel.

But ultimately, it was Republican Bob Turner’s fiscal conservatism that, not surprisingly, sunk him with the Times edit board.
Mr. Turner argues that the federal budget needs to be cut by as much as a third. He also wants to lower taxes, especially on capital gains. He insists that that would not mean reducing benefits for those on Medicare and Social Security. That would take a magician, not a businessman.

If Mr. Turner gets his way, it would be impossible to spare anybody who relies on the government for benefits or to keep the air clean or their food safe.

Getting the Times endorsement was a necessary piece for Democrat David Weprin’s campaign, which was burdened by high expectations against an under-rated, two-time candidate in Turner.

(Turner gave Rep. Weiner a run for his money in 2010, a fact lost on many when they sized up this race a few months later. Also feeding the unrealistic notion that Turner would be easy to defeat, was the fact that he wasn’t the candidate Republicans were rallying around until the last minute.) 

The real question now is how impactful will the Times endorsement be, compared to say, the Daily News or the New York Post, in NY-9, the second most Republican-leaning district in the city (behind only NY-13, which is actually represented by a Republican).

When he announced that he was running for governor of the State of New York, the two congressmen who stood by his side and were part of his successful campaign were Congressman Charles Rangel and me.

– Ed Koch on the late Governor Hugh Carey.