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[Councilman Jumaane] Williams, a freshman Democrat from Brooklyn, said he and others have repeatedly called for meetings with Bloomberg and NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly, but have been rebuffed.

"If you don’t have it, you cannot blame a city who feels under siege with whatever way they have to react to get the respect that we deserve," he said.

Later he told reporters, ”We can’t blame people for reacting however they’re going to react when our leaders won’t even acknowledge there’s a problem.”

I asked him to elaborate, and he said, “There’s only but so much disrespect and feeling, you know, like someone is in your community to hurt you and harm you and you’re paying these people to do it.”


Here’s the full documentary (it runs for well over an hour) that was shown to about 1,500 police officers in 2010 and yesterday was rebuked by Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the NYPD, even though NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly sat down for an hour-and-a-half-long interview with the filmmaker.

This morning, the Times editorial page called on Kelly (who even gets a credit at the end) to “apologize for the film.”

from my roundup:

'The Third Jihad'

"Bloomberg said neither he nor Police Commissioner Ray Kelly knew about the film being shown," although an excerpt of a Kelly interview with another outlet was included in the movie. [Associated Press]

Footage of Rudy Giuliani and Joseph Lieberman was also in the movie. [Carly Baldwin]

"Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne said the decision to play it was made by a sergeant. He said she had been reprimanded." [Arun Venugrupal]

Nearly 1,500 officers saw the movie. [Newser]

Browne’s initial statements saying the movie wasn’t shown, and later, shown only a couple of times, were “misleading.” [Graham Rayman]

Browne’s initial statement was “a lie.”[John Cook]