Obama’s mission to Afgahnistan, Romney’s mission to the Bloomberg Foundation


In 2008, Mayor Michael Bloomberg didn’t endorse anyone for president, didn’t say who he voted for and said that as mayor, he was obliged to work with whomever was elected.

Yesterday, he met privately with Republican nominee Mitt Romney, who, unlike Bloomberg, opposes abortion rights, Planned Parenthood, and stricter gun-control laws. The two have more in common on economic issues, opposing higher taxes on the rich and limiting government spending, although they’re not a perfect match there, either. (Bloomberg favors the Simpson-Bowles economic prescription, which involves quite a lot more taxation across the board than Romney wants.)

Bloomberg has no public schedule today. Tomorrow he’s expected to release his budget for the city and news of that will bump up against whatever extra details reporters can extract from him about his meeting with Romney. Which City Hall may prefer, anyway.