Adriano Espaillat, Charlie Rangel, and the coalition-fracturing primary neither of them wanted | Capital New York

via Capital New York:

Luis Miranda, a Democratic consultant who has advised Espaillat for each of his campaigns for office, said, “There was a time when Latinos and blacks, their numbers were so small that without a coalition, there was no way of winning. That is no longer the New York in which we are living.”


"What does it mean to be the soul of black America when the majority of the neighborhood and its member of Congress is not black?" asked Basil Smikle, a Harlem political consultant and admirer of Rangel’s. "It’s something they’re going to wrestle with."

"Is it black people leading black people? Or is it more black individuals in positions of power leading everybody? Leading across race, leading across ethnicity, building multiracial, multiethnic coalitions, not just representing black people. And I think that’s really where the conversation will go."