Stop-and-frisk and the 2013 races

A.M. Briefing:

Kate Taylor at the Times writesabout a new coalition that is vowing to make it “impossible to run for citywide office … without taking a position on stop-and-frisk.”

Nearly all the mayoral candidates have taken positions on the issue, saying the policy needs to be modified, but not eliminated. 

In the story, a director of the group said that, like the Democratic mayoral aspirants who have criticized the policy, they’re not seeking an end to stop-and-frisk practice, but a fairer application of it.

But on the group’s web site, under a banner called “The Solution,” they say"We are calling on the New York City Council to pass legislation ending ‘stop and frisk’ and other flawed ‘broken windows’ type policies, ensuring respect for New Yorkers’ rights, and far more vigorous oversight of the NYPD."