I totally look like that guy on tv (at Queens, New York)

NYCLU report details 'inadequate' public defense

“New York State’s failure to provide counsel to people too poor to afford an attorney violates the Constitution and devastates the lives of people every day in much of the state,” said NYCLU executive director Donna Lieberman said in a statement. “Justice cannot be a luxury for the rich. No one benefits when innocent people go to jail because the state failed to provide an effective lawyer to defend them.”

The Supreme Court’s decision in the 1962 Gideon v. Wainwright case established the right to an attorney. Shortly after that decision, New York State, which also guarantees its residents with the right to counsel, shifted the responsibility for providing that guarantee to each of its 62 counties.

(Source: capitalnewyork.com)

Sharpton responded to today’s @nypost front page: 

“We come to do the NYPD a favor. We trying to help you deal with the rotten apples,” Sharpton said on a stage set up near the Staten Island ferry terminal. “We told the mayor and everybody, they must reform police. This is about solutions. But let me tell you something: you cannot do it without hold accountable those that break the law. Now, either a chokehold is illegal or its not. If it’s illegal, then deal with it. If you won’t deal with it, then you’re making it legal.”